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The Dream Multi Monitor Trading Station

Check out my brand new trading computer that can support 6 plus monitors. Good times.
Ever thought that one monitor just wasn’t cutting the workload? Computer desktop space is critical for success and in an investor’s world, there is never enough LCD monitors for trading, never! But, then again, you could just hook up six 24″ LCD monitors together with two laptops…
Behold, the multi monitor workstation of software developer Stefan Didak.
His setup boasts six separate 24″ monitors all seamlessly working together. Internet windows will never have to be tabbed again when there is this much desktop real estate to work with.
multi monitor computer station
While Stefan is not an active investor, we can’t help imagine what “could be” someday. I mean, heck, we would teach him how to trade if he wanted to learn. We would even fly out and give him lessons on his own system. After all, it would only be convenient.
The Specs? Let’s see here… “An Intel Core 2 Quad Extreme QX9650 with 8 GB RAM in a Lian Li PC-P80. 6.4 TB RAID-5 storage (300 GB WD Velociraptor x 8 and 1000 GB Spinpoint’s x 4) Running off an Adaptec 2820SA RAID controller hooked to Icy Dock MB454SPF backplanes.”Got all that? We sure didn’t…
Other important notes include the fact that Stefan unfortunately does not game on his multi monitor dream machine and only uses it for work. He has complete wife approval which comes to no surprise considering his business pays all the bills. Lastly, he does have a life and travels three months out of the year. Yes, three months.
The cost of just the parts of such a system will run you anywhere from $20,000 – $25,000 says Stefan, but that’s without installation. Go figure.
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