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Handcrafted Steamplanet PC casemod calls for every Steampunk gamer and geek

It’s difficult to define what’s geeky when it comes to Steampunk and casemods, just everything seems so fit to fill the slot. Well, leaving all theory behind, here’s work of one Arg0s (Pablo Suarez), an Argentine, who’s crafted this immaculate PC casemod, which definitely leaves the geek or a steampunk enthusiast in you completely spell bound. Dubbed the Steamplanet, the casemod is all handcrafted in wood and painted with aerosol gold paint to mimic the copper and bronze of the Victorian style.

Arg0s has detailed every aspect of the casemod with sheer precision, which takes us back in time for good. One can peep into the PC through the doom porthole window, while the angled chimney stacks at the top of the case make it look like some steamship all geared to soar. The chimney stacks are made from 110mm PVC pipe, while fiber board is used to complete the front bezel and is completed with ‘cog and gear’ theme.

The Turbine fan made from copper wire, with its controller, power and reset button has been well down to scream Steampunk from all quarters. The striking gear theme logo, optical and HD bays on the left panel and a cool polypropylene and glass pipes for carrying water for cooling make this a perfect rig for any Steamy gamer.
Via: CaseModBlog


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