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Amoeba Modular USB Drive

Amoeba Modular USB flash drive is an innovative design concept designed by designer Hyunsoo Song from SADI. The idea looks a bit like Quirky’s Split Stick USB flash drive. But the difference is that the modular USB drive allows you to add more USB flash drive units. You can also save different contents into each unit based on different categories for convenient management. In addition, simply unhooking the ‘Private’ unit allows you to share info safely.

Amoeba Modular USB Drive

Amoeba Modular USB Drive

Amoeba Modular USB Drive

The Amoeba USB drive is basically four, separate drives connected into one: there’s a segment for personal files, a segment for photos and related media, another segment for music files, and a segment for documents. So when someone wants to copy something from you or when you need to pass on a certain file, just separate the entire thing and hand off the segment with the file to be shared.

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Published on May 30, 2013
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