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Top 10 Identity Theft Scams, Plus 5 More

>Top 10 Ways to Avoid Identity Theft, Plus 5 More<

Corresponding to "Hotmail/Gmail & Networking Tips"

So by that information, you can receive up to four e-mails, automatically forwarded to your hotmail. As a networker, I divide up my notifications so that I don't get behind or lose tract of my important mail.

I use several Gmail accounts to register each account. Each one is set up to send e-mails to Hotmail Folders, labeled to each account name. Therefore, I can keep tracked of each account, by category, account name, site and place.

I have more then one facebook, twitter and Google Plus account, which makes sense to another networker. To divide all those notifications, I will also need more then one Hotmail to receive and browse through them. That way, things don't get too messy and also I can be more organized.

To run a healthy network, I feel that things should not ever be able to get behind.
I don't want to spend a life time of sorting and trying to keep up on things.
I created a network for a purpose and I just want to run it!

Think this sounds like to much work having more then one Hotmail? Do what I did!

Just link up your hotmail ID's

You can merge up to five hotmail accounts! Once you have it set up, it's like turning a webpage.

How I have it: each hotmail is used for a certain account, broke up into five types such as:

(1.) Facebook Accounts Updates

(2.) Twitter Accounts Updates

(3.) Google Accounts Updates

(4.) Subscriptions & Updates From other Sites

(5.) - my official contact for anyone who wants to e-mail me:)

Hotmail/Gmail & Networking Tips

With MSN Hotmail, you can add up to four POP3 accounts to your Windows Live Hotmail account. If you're using a free Hotmail account, the maximum size of an email message that you can download is 10 MB. If you're using a paid Hotmail account, you can download messages that are up to 35 MB in size.

You can download up to 50 messages automatically at one time, every 30 minutes. If you have more than 50 messages to download, they're included in the next automatic refresh.

More information here at:

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