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Aviary Tools

Aviary is a suite of powerful creative applications that you can use right in your web browser. We're on a mission to make creation accessible to artists of all genres, from graphic design to audio editing. Use your account to create, share, and collaborate with our community of artists. Let Aviary and Worth1000 artists perform design services for you.

Image Editor

Our image editor has layers, masks, effects, undo history, and all that other good stuff.

Screen Capture

Use Talon to capture screenshots web pages from your browser or desktop and crop, resize or mark them up.

Vector Editor

The world's first online vector editor.

Effects Editor

It does so many wonderful and amazing things, we decided to call it our visual laboratory.

Music Creator

Use Roc to create music and loops for use in Myna and ringtones.

Audio Editor

Remix music tracks and audio clips. Apply sound effects and record your own voice or instruments!

Image Markup

Use Falcon to quickly capture images and web pages from your browser or desktop and crop, resize or mark them up.

Swatch Editor

Our color swatches and palettestool will help you find colors you didn't even know exist.

How To Make A Header Graphic For Your Website

One thing that can really make your website standout is a custom header graphic. A custom header graphic conveys to your site visitors that your site is original and professional. Unfortunately you may not have the skills or software to create such custom graphics. That's all about to change. Follow these step by step instructions and you'll be able to create your own customer header image for your website.

Step 1: Go to and click on the button labeled "image editor".

Aviary provides a suite of web-based software tools for editing images and creating graphics. It replaces those normally very expensive software programs.

Step 2: Choose to create a new image from scratch

Choose the option to create your image from scratch and then type in the dimensions of your image. For a header you'll want to make your image much wider than it is tall.

Step 3: Choose the shape tool and pick your background color.

Using the shape tool you can create a rectangle of any color or you can add a gradient by choosing the gradient tool. If your choosing the gradient tool you'll want to left click at the point you want your first color to start and drag your mouse to the point you want your gradient to end.

Step 4: Add text or other images to your header.

Click on file> import in the top left on the image editor to add other images to your header. Click on the add text icon to add text to your header.

Step 5: Save and download your image header.

Once you're finished with your graphic click file> export image and save it to your computer. I recommend saving it as JPEG if you're going to use it on your website.

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2012 Video Share Websites Comparisons

Click here for more details

What's new?

YouTube Channel Featured Tab: Creator Template

YouTube 101: Customizing Your Channel

HD: How To Make A Custom Youtube Channel Page (MAC/ WINDOWS)

Get more information on YouTube at:

How To Make a Custom YouTube Channel Template [HD]

Here is a LONG tutorial teaching you all how to make a custom YouTube channel template. I hope you guys understand this tutorial, and it's clear for you guys. I uploaded it in top quality possible, also.

Links Needed:


Google Chrome:

Awesome ScreenShot:

YouTube News - News about YouTube on YouTube (playlist)

Heres A Fast And Easy Way How To Get Subscribers On YouTube

Heres A Fast And Easy Way To Become A YouTube Partner.

How to Edit Your New YouTube Channel 2012 (INTERACTIVE)

Starting a Non-Profit Organization with 501c3 Tax-Exempt Status Facebook Welcome Video

Overview: Starting a Non-Profit Organization in 5 Easy Steps

Starting a Non-Profit Organization in 5 Easy Steps: Step 1 - Naming Your Non-Profit Organization

Starting a Non-Profit Organization in 5 Easy Steps: Step 2 - Incorporate Your Non-Profit Org

Starting a Non-Profit Organization in 5 Easy Steps: Step 3 - Choosing Your "Beginning Board"

Starting a Non-Profit Organization in 5 Easy Steps: Step 4 - Obtaining Your EIN

One Minute Book Review: "Influence" by Robert Cialdini - YouTube

Uploaded by GetNonprofitStatus

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How To Get a Tax ID Number
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How to Start a Nonprofit
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How to Start a Nonprofit Organization
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Google 101 for Non-Profits - Google Grants Workshop
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EINs for Non-Profits

Every established non-profit needs and Employer Identification Number, or EIN, from the IRS. Find out how to fill out Form ss-4 to get an EIN. Read Further

Note: You will need this type of status to obtain the following:

* To have your organization registered and recognized 501(c)(3) in the United States.

* To get a Google for Nonprofits membership application.

* To have all of the benefits of being in The YouTube Nonprofit Program

This means that you will be able to become an official YouTube Partner

The YouTube Nonprofit Program

Full Article:

Tips and Tricks

* Create a powerful YouTube channel with tips from the YouTube Guide:
Playbook for Good

* Read more information about how to set up your YouTube channel

* Find out how to run video campaigns on YouTube and see real nonprofit campaign examples

* Get advice about making and editing videos without a lot of staff or money

* Google for Nonprofits offers free tools to help promote your work, raise money, and operate more efficiently. Learn more

Join The YouTube Nonprofits google group

YouTube Partner Promotion

How to Become a YouTube Sensation Overnight (Part 2.)

How to Become a YouTube Sensation Overnight

Just like there is no magic bullet for getting rich, there is no magic bullet for becoming a YouTube sensation overnight. Sure there are those who just happen to get lucky like “Evolution of Dance” or “Keenan Cahill’s Only Girl in the World (With Me)”, but most brands commit time and dollars to marketing their online videos and hoping to go “viral”.

Method’s new “Clean Happy” campaign is a prime example. The campaign launched with an online music video on Monday, and Method will continue to launch music video vignettes monthly.

According to a recent news release on the campaign launch, the videos will be supported by a social media program, viewer and community offerings, and an online media buy. Additionally, Method’s web videos will be distributed through Facebook, YouTube and to bloggers. The videos link to product offerings and coupons that drive viewers to Method’s Facebook page

Method’s approach appears to be paying off. In less than 4 days, their “Clean Happy” video has secured 280,000+ views.

How To Become a YouTube Sensation |

How To Become a YouTube Sensation |

Have you ever been sent a link to a YouTube video to find it’s received hundreds of thousands of hits? Sometimes it’s because the content of the video or production is amazing, funny or infectiously catchy, but just as often they’re little more than a kid in front of a camera without any rhyme or reason as to why it’s popular. And if that video maker makes an agreement to sell ad space or go in together to share revenue with YouTube they could be looking at some big bucks down the road. So how can you make your video an “overnight” sensation? Here are a few tips…
First off make something engaging and habit-forming. Whether it’s funny, poignant or so bad it’s good, capture something that makes people feel watching it was a valid use of their time. And if it’s really good they’ll want to share it even if they’ve never met you before.
And then put in some serious effort toward marketing. It doesn’t mean you have to spend a bundle of money. In fact, viral marketing is the cutting edge way of building a buzz and doesn’t have to cost you much money at all. Remember Blair Witch Project and how it was going around online that the events actually happened? That was a brilliant viral marketing campaign conducted by the filmmakers themselves. Those same filmmakers have gone on to create viral campaigns for car companies and other big-name products because the Fortune 500 companies know that an invested customer is a loyal customer, even if that “customer” is just some bored kid surfing the net.
These days writers are even hired to help generate viral marketing content to get people talking. You can do the same but on a much smaller budget by getting your friends to help spread the word. Also ask them to pass the link around on their social media sites and ask them to start a line of commentary connected to the clip. The more people are talking, the more people are watching.
There are plenty of books out there about guerrilla marketing, some good, some not so hot but look for the well-regarded books that help teach you how to create a trend or phenomenon like Malcolm Gladwell’s “The Tipping Point”.
And these days one of the best and most effective ways to get noticed is to send the clip to television shows specifically geared toward highlighting such things, like Tosh.0. Granted the producers may want to see if the video has “legs” of its own without their help but if it’s good it’s good, and before you know it you and your video may be the next best thing.
So whether it’s your phone or a video camera keep it handy at all times because you never know what you might be able to catch; and when you do you may end up laughing all the way to the bank.

Would you like to create the next YouTube sensation?

About the Author: Emma Bell writes for Coupon Croc. Want a great deal on video gadgets? Check out this Discount Voucher.
Image Credit – YouTube Sensation

DigitalRev TV: How to: Flash Photography - Bikini Powder Girl

How to Change Your Youtube Name to a Picture (Like Smosh)

How to get a youtube channel header

Image instead of Username? How? (YouTube Channel)

User1: Well I just started a big gaming site, and I am adding videos to Youtube, but I see accounts like IGN and other ones (not popular accounts as well!) are having their own image instead of their username above the video, how do I do this myself?

User2: From googling "youtube channel logo":
[/quote]to have a banner ID/logo at the top of your channel and above your video description box you have to be a youtube partner

-a youtube partner is someone who uploads lots of original content which gets thousands/millions of views,they also have thousands of subscribers
-youtube partners also get paid $2.50 (2 dollars 50 cents) for every thousand views they receive

-to try to sign up to the partner scheme follow this link:
(you are likely to be turned down)[/quote]


Online Investigation

Online Investigation: How to investigate while sitting home

Man is the most curious creation of God. This curiosity has always encouraged man to go deep in investigating the mysteries from ancient time. As the technology advanced so advanced the method of investigation and detection. Computer has revolutionized human life ,making every thing available online.
It has changed the methods of investigation and detection.Online investigation softwares enable us to extract information from various online records.

. Here is a partial list of records which you may access online using detective softwares:

• Background Checks
• Criminal Public Records
• Criminal Records
• Driving Records
• Court Records
• Marriage Public Records
• Criminal Offender Search
• People Records
• Military Members
• Sexual Predators
• Phone Numbers
• Driver\\\'s License
• FBI Criminal Record
• Social Security
• Possible Assests
• Divorce Records
• Marriage Records
• Phoenix Private Investigator
• Business Records
• Property Records
• Bankruptcy Records
• Public Records Lookup

Over the last five years there has definitely been an emergence of a new type of website, commonly referred to as an \\\"Internet Detective Site.\\\" These sites fill the need for people searches that are not easily accomplished using the currently available search engines. There are various websites that offer online detective services.

There is a new type of online service for people wanting to investigate others. This service can allow the average person to gather up previously secret or privately held information about others and now it is available online. One such service is highly acclaimed eDetective service.

This type of service can also benefit people who are getting divorced or trying to collect child support. Whether you are getting a divorce, trying to find a long lost friend or trying to collect a debt, this online detective service may be the solution for you. By utilizing the service provided you can perform a professional level, do-it-yourself Investigation and you\\\'ll have all the information you need to become an expert online detective.

EDetective is the such a well known detective software service that enables you to uncover the facts and information you are in quest of from the comfort of your own home, and for a fraction of the cost of hiring a live private investigator.
You may visit http://www.investigatorstoolkit to get the details on numerous software products available now a day.

These user friendly software tools are quite easy to use and you do not need any training to operate these at all. For more good, some good sites provide trial version free of cost, which may help in exploring the features of eDetective softwares.One such site is
You may download trial version of eDetective software from
These free softwares enable you getting police record of criminals ,information of missing people.

Even you may spy on people and can check their background details like their bank records ,their marriage records ,driving records ,police records etc.
Online detective softwares help you in gathering information in few minutes which you may have gathered in months by your rigorous exercises.

Online investigation not only saves your time but your valuable money as well.
This is the effective way of reliable information gathering.

eDetective service offers an incredible wealth of net detective resources and will help you conduct thorough and complete professional type investigations of yourself, or almost anyone else in the world you may know. The goal of this service is to provide you with access to all the best internet investigation sites and databases.

To know more about such products and to get trial versions of tools
feel free to visit online store of such softwares on
The value of this service is having all of the resources updated and organized into one place, thus saving you from having to search all over the internet for them.
For more information and discussion on online investigation, feel free to contact me.


Write me at:


Corporate Computer Training

Many companies endeavor to move ahead consistently, with their competitive contemporaries. They consider investing in computer training as one of the fastest ways to make their workforce more effective and economical. The development in technology, over the past decade, has made computer training a necessity for most companies.

There are colleges and institutes that offer corporate computer training courses.
They recognize the growing needs of quality computer training, critical to the productivity of business. They design courses, acknowledging the fact that each organization is unique and therefore has unique training needs.

Many organizational heads, consultants, board members and volunteers, state categorically, that their organizations could be more effective with a computer-trained staff back up. It is necessary for employees to know at least the basics of computer operation and word processing, to carry on routine operations.

The most effective corporate computer training is customized for different operations, conducted in various enterprises. There are many corporate companies that encourage their employees to indulge in the latest training in computer software. They need to analyze the kind of training that their personnel need, to eventually contribute to the company's growth.

The custom designed program of computer training is suitable to train employees of different organizations. There is computer software training provided in basic Microsoft Office applications, like MS Project 2000, introductory Windows computer education and contact management software such as Act 2000.

While most workers have commendable computer skills, there are many who do not even know the basics. There is low-cost, highly effective basic computer corporate training that makes them suitable for the corporate world. They are taught to use e-mail, spreadsheets and word processors and operate programs, specific to the company. A practical approach is an effective way of meeting training needs and ensures a comprehensive training and development program.

Computer Training provides detailed information on Computer Training, Computer Internet Training, Computer Graphic Training, Computer Forensics Training and more. Computer Training is affiliated with Computer Science Education.
Article Source:

Home Security Camera Software

With the advanced internet technology, computer software has been intensively used for computer related work. Nowadays, computer software is being used in tax, real estate and even security purposes. Home security companies have realized the importance of providing surveillance on computer systems and they started to provide software where you can monitor any un-welcomed action through your computer monitor instead of a TV.

Thousand of people don’t know the importance of security software in making their monitoring process easier and less expensive. Below are the main reasons why you should consider buying home security software when applicable.

1) You don’t need to use a video tape to record every action and worrying about replacing it from time to time.

2) Security software can be set to take snap shots as well where you will have a series of photos for separate actions for different period of time.

3) Using security software makes your monitoring process easier and more efficient. You can track and view different sections of the house from the same monitor. Most home security software let you split your monitor into separate regions to provide multi-view accessibility.

4) Security software can be easily installed into your computer.

Many home security camera systems come with security software to let you view every action on your computer. Make sure to ask your home security company about home security software because they play a vital role in keeping your home secured from unwelcome visitors. Never neglect the importance of installing home security software on your computer. It helps make your monitoring process faster, easier and more productive.

Bishara wrties about home security cameras. Visit: Home Security Softwares

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5 Of The World’s Most Famous Hackers & What Happened To Them

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How to Increase Volume Video AVI, WMV, MP4, FLV, MOV, YouTube, etc?

How to Increase Volume Video AVI, WMV, MP4, FLV, MOV, YouTube, etc?

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