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How to Become a YouTube Sensation Overnight (Part 2.)

How to Become a YouTube Sensation Overnight

Just like there is no magic bullet for getting rich, there is no magic bullet for becoming a YouTube sensation overnight. Sure there are those who just happen to get lucky like “Evolution of Dance” or “Keenan Cahill’s Only Girl in the World (With Me)”, but most brands commit time and dollars to marketing their online videos and hoping to go “viral”.

Method’s new “Clean Happy” campaign is a prime example. The campaign launched with an online music video on Monday, and Method will continue to launch music video vignettes monthly.

According to a recent news release on the campaign launch, the videos will be supported by a social media program, viewer and community offerings, and an online media buy. Additionally, Method’s web videos will be distributed through Facebook, YouTube and to bloggers. The videos link to product offerings and coupons that drive viewers to Method’s Facebook page

Method’s approach appears to be paying off. In less than 4 days, their “Clean Happy” video has secured 280,000+ views.


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