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Computer Desk LED Plexiglass Case Mod

computer case mod
While most people stick to modding a typical computer case, this modder stepped it up a notch and built an entire desk to house his computer.  As you can see from the hardware specifics and the pictures below this is one absolute beast of a machine. Don’t miss the Xbox video buildby the same modder we posted last week.

Hardware Specs:

  • Intel Q6600 G0 @ 3.5
  • Abit IP35 Pro
  • 4x 2gb Corsair DDR2
  • HIS HD2900 XT 512mb
  • SB X-Fi Elite Pro
  • 2x Ultra 550w psu
  • 2x 500gb Western Digital
  • 320gb Seagate pata
  • 250gb WD sata
A close up shot of the overall desk with peripherals.
Yes, those are a stack of hard drives mounted entirely separately from the main case enclosed by a glowing custom enclosure.  Awesome!

The innards of the beast!  Man, this thing is a beauty!  Don’t miss out on our full collection ofcase mod projects:

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