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The coolest computers of QuakeCon

At QuakeCon, a massive gaming gathering in Dallas this month, 2,800 gamers brought their own computers, often "modding" them for looks, performance or both. Here are some of our favorites.

Many of the modded computers were decked out in various colors and neon lights and showed off the extensive cooling systems that helped keep the components from overheating.

Few fantasy places are cooler than the ice planet of Hoth, from "The Empire Strikes Back." That's how this gamer decorated his rig.

There were some strangely colored liquids inside some of the towers. Many modders said they use oils and/or chemical solutions to help maintain peak performance of their computers.

One modder decided that the chilled BYOC room itself would be cold enough and went with no case. A metal frame holds the components in place, but they are otherwise open.

Speaking of keeping cool, this ice block (made from plastic and chilled water) provides a nice visual representation of "cool," as does an old-school boom box ready to provide a gamer's soundtrack.

Modders Inc., the sponsors of a contest for the best modified computers, showed off what was possible with a display incorporating imagery from the game "Fallout."

One modder decided to go old school, with a traditional "modem" and vintage disk drive on a boxy display. Don't be fooled -- it was a powerhouse.

When not playing, many modders continued to tweak their machines throughout the four-day event to keep them working -- and looking -- their best.

This oversized Nintendo controller served a dual purpose. It was a storage case for some items, but it also worked and passers-by could play Nintendo games on the screen above using the controller.


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