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How to: Build a PC into your Coffee Table

We’ve seen some neat computers built into desks before, but this build brings the PC straight into the living room (complete with water cooling).  The entire coffee table was built from scratch using 2″x6″ planks, so you’ll need to harness your inner carpenter to pull this off.  Although the image above looks like you’d have to hunch over to use the PC, the ledge in front of the monitor is actually a footrest.  The mouse and keyboard are wireless, allowing the user to relax on the couch.

After sanding, staining, and applying protective resin, the computer innards were installed including:
  • 16GB RAM
  • ASUS P8 Z77-VLK Motherboard
  • i5 3570k 3.4 GHz processor
  • Gigabyte Nvidia GTX 550Ti video card
  • 128GB Solid State hard drive
  • Liquid cooling.
Check out the detailed project pictures to see how it all came together!

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