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Electronic Gadgets For Men

Electronic gadgets for men are great ideas when you want to buy a gift and have no clue what to choose. We have found some cool stuff that men would love to have around the house so we are giving you some ideas for his next birthday.

49 pounds is the price you must pay to get the MP3 sunglasses. Let us see what are the advantages of this gizmo. Well, the first one would be no wires. Don’t you hate it when the wires of your MP3 Player get all tangled up when you pull it out of the bag or pocket? These sun glasses offer %100 UVA and UVB protection just like normal sun glasses do. You can take them with you when you go jogging, riding a bike, climbing a mountain or simply walking the dog. I’m not sure how good these would look on a woman’s face but for men, they are sure winners. These sport sunglasses basically have a built in wireless MP3 player. This MP3 player has 2 GB of included memory so you store about 400 songs. Cool, isn’t it?

The next item on the list is one accessory that will make both men and women happy. Too bad that it is listed under electronic gadgets for men… the iWallet may look like a regular wallet but it does have one very special feature: it is combined with a digital photo frame. This means that you can now carry digital photos around with you and you can connect you wallet to a computer so you can now upload your favorite photos. The display only measures 1.4 inches so don’t go around uploading 1280 x 800 pixel photos. But wait, there is more! You can play even recorded messages simultaneously with the displaying pictures.

The little digital photo frame has a built in stereo speakers and the USB data transfer cable is included in the package. Oh yes, and the iWallet is made out of soft nappa leather. Price? 40 pounds.

Since they always say that men are nothing but big kids, here is one item that some men are going to love. The TV Terminator is an ideal gift for the funny guy of your group, the one that like to fool around and make pranks all the time. This little device is a small gizmo that fits into the palm of your hand so no one can see it and it has a buttons that switches any TV to standby mode. It is no bigger than a regular size keychain and yes, it comes with a keychain attachment. Anytime, anyplace, the TV Terminator is ready to shut down any TV. It could also be an excuse to put the nasty kids in bed at night. Just make sure you reveal the prank to your friends before they take the TV to the repair shop or worse, before they start opening it up to see what’s wrong. This is also a cheap accessory, as it only costs about 13 pounds.


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