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The 13 Deadly Sins of Game Design

No human being is perfect. Even the most saintly among us have dark spots on the underbelly of our consciences from the times that we have succumbed to laziness, depravity and wickedness. Since the human race is imperfect, so too are the video games that are crafted by human hands, and even the greatest of video games tend to feature design decisions that are truly maddening.

Everyone has their own personal bugbear, whether it's the cut scenes that go on until you forget that you're playing a game instead of watching a movie, inventories that are organized worse than the "Misc" box at a yard sale, or the baffling presence of knee-high barriers that the game's musclebound, monster-slaying hero is incapable of stepping over.

Fear not: every sin can be forgiven (except the ending of Mass Effect 3, apparently), and the best way to exorcise these demons of game design is to confront them head on and sprinkle the holy water of complaint onto them. Here are the tooth-grinding, controller-smashing, ragequit-worthy 13 Deadly Sins of Game Design.

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