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iWatch: what you need to know while you are waiting!!

Apple already deployed new talents to work exclusively on smart watch and repeatedly, it is on an aggressive path towards their most speculated product called watches.
Apple deployed between 50 and 100 designers working on the watch between them and designer of fashion house Yves Saint Laurent. Besides the look of the smart watch there are many engineering problems which are yet to be solved. iWatch can easily be a double edged sword. On one hand, it has to compete in a market with existing similar products like Nike FuelBand or Kickstarter funded smartwatch by Pebble, On the other hand, keeping the Apple tradition going it has to be the best in the market. If iWatch fails to show better quality, different and better functionality it will fail to impress the mass. This may leave the market wide open to be captured by its formidable competitors like Samsung.
 Pic1 iWatch: what you need to know while you are waiting!!

Apple recently launched a campaign to protect the name iWatch in many prospective markets. Among them, Mexico, Taiwan, Japan and Russia are the ones which confirmed rumors that smart watch from Apple is arriving in the near future. According to earlier reports, Apple’s designers working on watch are trying to ensure that the watch will run and support IOS platform and it will be able to perform the same tasks that made the iPhone and the iPad as undisputed market leaders. You can make calls and let sensors run applications for fitness or health monitoring (sensors to measure steps and monitor the pulse rate. ). This, along with GPS functionality, can easily track speed and position providing you a complete exercise regimen, option and monitoring.
pic2 iWatch: what you need to know while you are waiting!!
Although initial assumptions were that the watch will come in 2016, Apple is gearing up for a faster release sometime during 2014.
Analysts say that the smart watch is a more logical step towards conquering new markets for large companies (Apple, Google, Microsoft and Samsung). Today, Smartphones market is either saturated or getting saturated fats. Taking advantage of high Smartphone density, smart watches can be positioned as an additional smart phone accessory. It is estimated that there exists a huge unexplored market of smart watches worth around 60 billion dollars in terms of annual sales.
Apple’s philosophy is to combine fashion and functionality. Probably this is the secret of Apple is doing a huge business all over the world. Benefiting from the same strategy, Apple watch can increase its business at least three fold in a year or two. They can lure all people having smart phones to go out and buy another value adding yet portable device in the form of a smart watch.
There is a high probability that Apple is planning a smart watch will be made of new technology curved glasses demonstrated mainly by LG.  According to some other school of thought Apple smart watch will be made of  curved glass which will be more like new Corning’s bendable Willow Glass from the creators of Gorilla Glass. Corning, who is still not prepared to release the glass commercially, has announced that this class will mainly be used for smart phones, watches and other smart devices. Whatever it is, the bottom line is that the device still has to work on IOS platform,
Interestingly, studies suggest that the market of existing smart watches is still far from perfect. If you look at the smart watches available today, they are still not good enough. The battery is weak to sustain continuous Bluetooth connections and limitations of smaller screens cannot be wished away. Knowing that current technology is not yet good enough, Apple is in the process of plugging all these loopholes and preparing a smart watch which will be a solid performer and a quality product.
Although iWatch is currently only an experiment, it's a matter of time when Apple  will present their smart watch. Be assured that  it will NOT be just a phone or tablet, but something that is always connected to the internet and highly portable and wearable in nature. Once it is there, it will be no less attractive than the current wearable technology Sensation Google Glass.
While we have to wait for iWatch to be available in future real Apple fans may watch this video rounding up the rumors related to iWatch to keep themselves ready:
Guest Author: Dejan Fidanovski


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